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Love like us

Choreographer : Jaszmine Tan (MY) - June'22 Description : 32 count 2 wall Level  : Intermediate/Advance Music : Heaven - Calum Scott --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro 8 count - Start facing 6 o'clock 2 count Tag at end of Wall 2 Restart on Wall 5 after 16 count with step change. Sec 1      NC basic,  Hitch 1/2 L, Cross side, Rock back,  5/8 L turn, Walk fwd R,L, Lunge R fwd 1, 2&3   Step R to R, step L behind R, cross R over L, Step 1/4 L fwd hitch R knee in a figure 4 continuing to turn 1/4L (12) 4&5        Cross R over L, step L to L, Rock R back 6&7        Recover on L, step back R 1/4 turning L, step L forward 3/8 turning L (4.30) 8&1        Walk fwd R,L, lunge R fwd Sec 2      Sweep back R,L, Behind side, 1/4R, NC basic, Step 1/4 L fwd 2,3          Step back L, sweep R back, step back R, sweep L back 4&5        Step L behind R, step R to 1/8 R, s

Baby I Go Crazy

Choreographer : Jaszmine Tan (MY) - Mar'22 Description : 32 count 4 wall  Level : Improver Music : Crazy Love -  - JEON WOONG (전웅) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro : 32 count Sec 1 : R rock cross, 1/2R turn cross, Diagonal forward touch x 2, Press & roll R knee 1&2 Rock to R, recover on L, cross R over L 3&4 Step back on L turning 1/4R, step R to R turning 1/4R, cross L over R (6) 5&6& Step R diagonal forward, touch L next to R, step L diagonal forward, touch R next to L 7&8 Press R foot diagonal forward R, roll knee outward and circle your hand twice. [when the song sings the word “crazy”, you can turn your index finger beside your head like going crazy] ** Dance Sec 1 on Wall 4 and restart facing (9) ** Sec 2 : R Sailor, 1/4 L turn sailor, Pivot 1/2 turn L, Walk forward R,L 1&2 Cross R behind L, step L to L side, step R to R 3&4 Sweep L behind R making 1/4 L turn, step R ne

Ping Pong

  PING PONG Choreographers    : HeeJin Kim (KR) & Jaszmine Tan (MY) – SEP 2021 Description                   : 116 count Level                             : Phrased Intermediate Music                           : HyunA & DAWN PING PONG ( 현아 던 PING PONG) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Intro :   4 count from heavy beat                           Sequence :  A B C A B C D Tag C B B     Part A – 32 count SEC 1  : CROSS SAMBA, MAMBO R, WALK BACKWARD L,R,L 1 & 2    Cross RF over LF, step LF to L, recover on RF 3 & 4     Cross LF over RF, step RF to R, recover of LF 5 & 6     Rock RF fwd, Recover on LF, step back on RF 7 & 8     Walk back LF, RF, LF   SEC 2   : R COASTER STEP,   WALK FWD L,R, PADDLE 5/8 TURN R, SYNCOPATED L ROCKING CHAIR 1 & 2     Step RF backward, close LF together RF, step RF fwd 3 – 4      Walk f


Choreographer:  Jaszmine Tan (MY) & Jennifer Choo Sue Chin (MY) - April 2021 Count:  64     Wall:  2 Level:  Phrased Intermediate Music:  Rotate - Becky G. & Burna Boy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phrasing: ABB ABB ABB A-BB A- Intro: 2x8 Part A (48 counts) - 1 wall - Always danced from 12:00 Set A1: POINT R, POINT L, POINT R, CHEST PUMP, R & L BOTAFOGO 1&2&3    Point RF to R, Close RF next to LF, Point LF to L, Close LF next to RF, Point RF to R 12:00 &4           Push chest out (pull shoulders backwards), Pull chest in (push shoulders fwd) - facing diag L 12:00 5&6      Cross RF over LF, Step LF slightly to L Side, Step RF in place 12:00 7&8      Cross LF over RF, Step Rf slightly to R Side, Step LF in place 12:00 Set A2: R MAMBO 1/2 R TURN, BOOGIE WALKS, R FWD MAMBO, L COASTER 1&2      Rock RF fwd, Recover on LF, 1/2 R stepping RF fwd 6:00 3&4